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Persn Sanitary Ceramics Co., Ltd. set up business in the year of 2002. We insisted on the business philosophy of advancing with the times and pursuit to the perfection. Using the sophisticated computer equipments and strengthening modern management, we also have a strong high-quality staff team with high innovation abilities. We firstly passed through the certification of Production Management System ISO-9001 and Quality Management System ISO-14001, and ISO-24001 Environmental Management system certification.

Persn was accredited as a high-tech enterprise by the Chinese government. Its brand “Gofun” wins a good reputation. After years of hard work and efforts, Persn has mastered water-saving techniques in the field of sanitary wares. The company currently has a number of sanitary products certified by the North America HET (Watersense) and got cUPC 3.8L, 4.8L certifications,Watermark Certification for Australia market ,CE certification for EU.
Gofun Generation III no cistern intelligent toilet adopts the Renesas Mainboard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and employs the Korean LG Heat Type, which makes the toilet can be used continuously by individuals, no incrustation, no fungi. As a pioneer in this industry, Gofun even adopts Type 304 stainless steel nozzle, making the water and electricity completely separate. Gofun Ceramics, a maker of intelligent toilets.

The company responses to the national call to conserve water, all products on sold are satisfying to water-saving requirement. Persn not only focuses on water-saving features, but also pays much attention to product appearance design, the beauty of lines. With the background of global aging, and to take into account the use of the disable people, Persn took its history mission to make the height of toilet seat head to meets ADA standards, which brings a more comfortable feeling to the users.

Today we newly launch products with ten years of research to markets, and to show the world the essence of Persn's products. Come with Persn! You will have a wonderful business trip, we providing better products with lower prices!

In the spirit of learning, Persn looks forward to cooperating with customers around the world to create a better future!


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