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Faucet problems

1, the home faucet leaking, how to do?
Answer: most people think that the leading Water Leakage is spool out of the question, in fact, if used properly, the valve core is not easy problems, therefore, if appear leading Water Leakage phenomenon, its essence should be analyzed.
(1) when the valve core is closed, the faucet is still out of water. This phenomenon may be caused by the looseness of the valve cap loose and sealing the water, the solution is to remove the handle and the decorative cover, to tighten the pressure cap, there may be a ring at the bottom of the valve core deformation, no sealing water solution is to remove the valve, check the bottom of rubber ring and its restoration after re installation.
(2) the water oozes out of the spool. This phenomenon may be loose or displacement of the spool, the solution is to remove the valve core, re installed once
(3) the water oozes out of the middle part of the valve core. This phenomenon is damage to the spool, the solution is to replace the spool, if a faucet leaking, replace the spool, which will increase the cost of maintenance.
(4) faucet bottom leaking. This phenomenon is generally composed of a water inlet pipe of O ring is not installed or deformation caused, the solution is, screw out the hose, such as found in the O ring without deformation, O ring and the water inlet pipe is sheathed with a re can be good, if you find that the O ring has been deformed, then replace the O ring.
2, bathroom washbasin faucet water is very slow, faucet water is getting smaller and smaller, how to solve?
Answer: 1, first look at the other adjacent taps, water is also very small, if it is also small, that is, tap water pressure problems. The lack of pressure, a proposal to increase the electric water pump; 2, through the waterway blockage or bubbler blockage, rust or impurities, can remove the spool, the water rinse again; if only the bubbler is blocked, the bubbler is removed for cleaning it again on the line; 3, the water may slow sewer blockage, use dredge agent or the use of physical pressure dredge; there may be a sewer is too small, not complete.
3, how to solve the faucet is not installed properly?
Answer: in the installation process, you should first tap in the winding joint raw materials with the case and the wire on the street again, to see if the inside is a problem that leading to the installation of straight, and then remove the re winding with raw materials, not too much, after the wound by hand with raw materials it can be compacted flattened.
4, when the handle does not rotate smoothly, what should I do?
Answer: spool card resistance. This phenomenon is the impurities in the water, stuck to the spool and spool rotation is not good, and even damaged the spool, the solution is to clean out the impurities inside the valve core; if the spool is damaged, you should replace the spool.
5, the valve stem accidentally broken, how to do?
Answer: This is basically the use of excessive force, or improper operation caused by, only the replacement spool. When used correctly, the opening angle shall not exceed 23 degrees, and the rotation range shall be within 110 degrees.
6, after the delay valve button is pressed, can not return to the position, resulting in closed water, how to do?
Answer: the specific reasons for this phenomenon are: small groove 1 and a delay set cavity blocked, but this possibility is relatively small; 2, delay glue and rubber sealing rod deformation and metamorphism, which increases the friction of the rubber and the inner wall of the sleeve rod or delay, when the friction force is greater than the spring and hydraulic force contributed to the reduction, resulting in cannot reset.
7, when the delay valve is pressed, there is a drip at the button. How can I solve it?
Answer: small groove 1, view the delay sleeve cavity is blocked, if the plug with a sharp object gently blockage removal; 2, check the delay glue and rubber sealing push rod deformation, metamorphism, deformation or deterioration if replace rubber.
8, delay valve delay is not enough, often used to press several times?
Answer: there are two reasons for this phenomenon: 1, water pressure is too small, flushing water is not enough, will lead directly to the delay is too short, or can not delay; 2, delay slot is too large, manufacturers design and production improvements, the delay slot smaller.
9, why some of the leading time valve pressed harder?
Answer: because water pressure is too large (more than 8kg pressure), especially for some children and women, it is more difficult to press.
10, water faucet, shower. What happened?
Answer: This is caused by impurities clogging the filter screen, just remove the filter screen, cleaning the impurities, the installation can be resolved.
11, the delay valve can not afford to play, what's going on?
Answer: This is related to water pressure, the working principle of the delay valve is to use the water pressure to close the pop-up stop valve, and when the water pressure is too long, the delay valve may not work.
12, induction taps can only be a single temperature?
Answer: No, induction taps also have cold, hot water, water, but also human nature of the regulation of water temperature.
14, the switch failed, what's the matter?
Answer: first, the pressure may be too small, the pressure switch, may play up pressure conversion, excessive water pressure, pressure switch may not go; second, perhaps there are impurities stuck switch, detachable cleaning switch.


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