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Maintenance method of ceramic sanitary ware

Maintenance method of ceramic sanitary ware
Ceramic sanitary ware products include toilet, toilet, urinal, washing pots, washing tank, mop pool and so on, which is the maintenance of the toilet, the other is relatively simple, as long as the maintenance of good porcelain OK. For example, after long time use the basin in
Grease and dirt are easy to accumulate, then you can wash the basin surface with oxalic acid. After a minute, rinse it with clean water. The basin becomes bright. This is because oxalic acid is very high, removal of oil and other very effective, but remember to use oxalic acid should be cleaned as soon as possible, so as to
Free from acids attacking the surface of objects. Such as the inability to improve safety of bleach can buy bottled, poured into the wash basin with besmirch place, about 20 minutes after the immersion with a towel or sponge, and then wash with water can be clean, but do not use 100 clean cloth to wipe the surface or sand powder,
Because it will wear the surface of the washbasin and make it lose its luster. Wash the pot above method can also be used in other ceramic sanitary ware. In addition, in order to protect the ceramic sanitary ware, we should pay attention to the following points: we should not press the toilet paper into newsprint, paper urine pad, women's sanitary napkins and so on
Easy to stop objects, to prevent breakage and leakage, do not hit the ceramic. Please immediately rule out the use of skin suction device is blocked, can not be used and stored in environmental water by 0 DEG C, in order to prevent the expansion of cement to toilet bottom explosion, must use glass glue installation, if you have the water backwater bend, it is recommended that you use the punching type products, prohibit the use of siphon product.
When installing the squatting pan, it is recommended that the surface of the product be separated from the floor by a thin layer of asphalt. When the basin is installed, it is recommended to use glass glue and prohibit the use of epoxy. If there is a metal scratch, in the absence of damage to the glaze, the acid can be washed by chemical reaction
Off. When the toilet is installed, if the floor is too thin, it is suggested that the expansion bolts do not need to be fixed directly with silica gel. If you select counter basin, especially the hanging cabinet basin, it is recommended that you do not directly fixed to the cabinet cabinet, and ceramic washbasin with fixed rate
It's safer. In addition, there are a lot of users by flushing the toilet water, washing with alkaline wastewater, after the toilet water tank is easy to damage the water, grease water is easily corroded parts to porcelain stain, so that as far as possible without dirty water and wash
A bowl of water to flush the toilet, but not through little relationship directly poured into the toilet flushing water tank.


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