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Bathroom cabinet FAQ

First, the bathroom cabinet is cracked. What shall I do? Paint and paint can be inserted into the flat to prevent a long time, but the paint and paint should be the same color as the raw material, so as not to leave scars:
A.: burn marks left on the bathroom counter fireworks, if the paint can be burnt, wrapped in a layer of fine lines in a stiff cloth, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin layer of wax, coke mark can be eliminated.
B.: the bathroom counter burned marks with white marks, generally as long as with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet wipe.
C. water stain: in the bathroom counter cover with a damp cloth marks, irons carefully pressing cloth, traces can disappear.
D. scratch: bathroom cabinet paint scratches, untouched lacquer wood, you can use the same color as the cabinet crayons or paint, daub on the cabinet to cover the exposed wound, the background, and then a transparent nail polish coated with a thin layer.
Second point, often use soft cloth for bathroom cabinet to dust, before going to dust, soft cloth with spray, don't use dry cloth wipe.
Third, ceramic basin scratch treatment: ceramic basin surface should always be kept clean, dust, sand should be cleaned in time, so as not to scratch. If the ceramic basin surface scratches, can scratch with a small amount of toothpaste with a soft cloth rub, and then waxing, ceramic pots can be bright as new.
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