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Installation & Maintenance

Shower room FAQ

1, shower room leakage water situation
Check that the waterproof glue strip of shower room is properly installed.
Check that the shower room is well insulated from the bottom and wall.
Check whether the gap between the bottom and the wall is well sealed.
Check that the water outlet is properly installed and that the connection of the drain pipe is well sealed.
2, shower room door is not smooth.
Check the pulley is bad, rail or distortion is replaced.
Check whether the pulley is tightened, the eccentric wheel, the eccentric position is the same, it is just tight adjustment.
The movable door wheel or whether the glass foreign body position.
None of the above is to check on the track is installed in place, check the glass under the pitch if there is deviation, can also add lubricating oil to make the door more smooth snow.
3, shower room door closed after the top or bottom cracks.
Check the parallelism of the movable door, adjust the base, or adjust the eccentric pulley to achieve parallel.
Check the installation, whether or not there is a deviation verticality, reinstall it is a good tune.
4, shower room bottom basin drainage or stagnant water.
Check the drain and drain for obstruction or obstruction.
Check whether the ground level, the base installation is level, uneven adjustment is good.
5, aluminum, glass scratches or damage.
Can only be replaced with a replacement, refer to the installation instructions.


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