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Installation & Maintenance

Bathroom cabinet maintenance

Door panel maintenance
1, avoid close to the heat source, power supply, water source, avoid direct sunlight;
2, do not contact gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents;
3, YISHION cotton cleaning, brush with clean carving;
4, it is best to use solid wood furniture wax cleaning;
5, it is recommended that every half a month or so time on the solid wood bathroom cabinet for maintenance: cleaning, waxing, in order to maintain the color of the long bright;
6, should avoid the overflow of water table. Splash left door long-term immersion deformation. 7, bathroom cabinet door and drawer opening should be appropriate force, please don't open fierce slam. The cabinet on the glass door, should respect the design selection with hydraulic support or stop at will, in order to ensure the safe use.
Cabinet maintenance
1. You are advised to put weights in the cabinet. Plate activities type can be adjusted up and down, pay attention to whether the lamination in place. The cabinet fits within the light goods, such as shampoo, shower gel, dry towel. Lightweight articles, such as paper towels.
2, wall mounted bathroom cabinets and cabinet mounted wall is load-bearing wall. In the designer's measurements, if the installation condition is not found, the customer shall be properly reinforced as required by the designer.
3. Keep the bathroom cabinet 15 days ~20 days before use. Open the cabinet door vacant, proper ventilation to eliminate residual odor.
4, the cabinet is tenon and eccentric parts structure, please do not modify and disassemble by yourself.
5. Do not use sharp objects to scrape and crash the surface of the cabinet;
6, do not pry the surface of metal decoration materials, do not use steel wire, ball and other sharp materials to clean the surface of metal objects; do not use corrosive liquids to clean the surface of metal objects.
7, do not pull the strip cutting edge of the cabinet, so as to ensure dust proof, anti cockroach effect, prolong the service life of bathroom cabinet.
8, should avoid bathroom cabinet for a long time by direct sunlight, in order to avoid local color difference.
9, stable placement of items heavier items should be placed in the bathroom cabinet base cabinet bottom; cabinet is not easy to place heavy items, so as to avoid the top and bottom of the stress and deformation, and ensure the safety of the process to take items.
Table maintenance
In order to extend the service life of the table, please do not put hot objects directly on the table. In placing high temperature objects, should be placed at the object of the house with rubber foot support, heat insulation pad and other insulation materials.
Bathroom mirror
1, bathroom mirror once installed, please don't move around and removed, not to use the goods hit the mirror broken so as not to hurt; floor bathroom mirror can move, but need cooperation by the people, and laid before the same angle with the move, not to let the children alone to push or pull the falling mirror;
2, and other accessories, if found loose, please adjust or repair in time, so as not to fall off, causing accidents.
Water tank
1, keep the drainage unobstructed, placed blocked, if there is congestion, be sure to ask professional companies to dredge.
2, the basin and the table should be kept dry, such as water stains, apply dishcloth dry.
3, pay attention to hoses, sealing materials and other materials, the use of time, timely replacement.
4. Prevent any part of the cabinet from being immersed in water. Often check the faucet, basin is, the water there is no leakage, the water running, taking, dripping, leakage, should be timely maintenance, timely treatment, to extend the use of cabinets. When cleaning, do not rinse with water. Clean with detergent and cloth.
5, in the pipeline leakage, should ask professional companies to timely maintenance repair.
Bathroom cabinet hardware mainly metal chain, hinge, slide rail, etc., its material is generally a stainless steel or steel surface spray plating, spray plastic based, in use, should pay attention to the following points:
1, to avoid strong acid base solution directly spilled on the hardware, when accidentally happened, should immediately wipe clean.
2, to keep the door hinge severed, and prevent rust.
3, keep drawer drawer drawn freely, often keep clean.
How can the bathroom stand damp proof?
First, when we choose the bathroom cabinets, we should not only look at the appearance and shape of the products, but also pay attention to the inside and back of the bathroom cabinets. The bathroom cabinets are painted with special waterproof paint, which is easy to wipe if spilled. But the inside of the bathroom cabinet is splashed with water on the back and inside
It doesn't rub off easily, or it can corrode the material. Many bathroom cabinet manufacturers will do some waterproof treatment on the back of the bathroom cabinet. It is better to have such protection.
Second, to maintain the bathroom air circulation. No matter what kind of material the bathroom cabinet is made of, it can not be eroded in a humid environment for a long time. Even if the bathroom cabinet brand is good, the quality is good, usually we should pay more attention to clean sanitation. Want to extend the bathroom cabinet?
The service life of the bathroom is maintained by air circulation and ground drying.
Third, bathroom cabinet size and shape. To buy Bathroom Cabinets, we have to combine our bathroom space, size, decoration style, and then confirm the purchase. Reasonable reserve space not only brings convenience to our daily bath, but also benefits to other supplies in the bathroom.
Bathroom cabinet Maintenance Tips
Bathroom cabinet in handling, lift light light, not hard drag; when placed, uneven ground, the leg pad; do not put in the sun for a bathroom cabinet, can not be put in a dry place, put in place appropriate ventilation; bathroom cabinets have cracks, paint and paint mixing available embedded block in order to maintain peace, long time is not bad, but the putty and paint to paint and color consistency, so as not to leave scars;
A: burn marks left on the bathroom counter fireworks, if the paint can be burnt, wrapped in a layer of fine lines in a stiff cloth, gently


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